Q. What upper and lower age limits does Moichido MA impose on its membership?

A. As individuals MMA will assess your abilities and take all factors into consideration. If you have the ability to train we will be happy to teach you no matter what. (subject to risk assessment).

Q. Do I need to be fit to do Martial arts?
A. To complete a class you will need to have the will and ability to carry out the activity. However your fitness will improve as you train and therefore you do not need to be fit to start; your training and ability will improve with fitness an flexibility

Q. I don’t really like fighting – what else does Karate offer me?
A. Karate is not just about fighting. In fact, fighting (even the non contact, pre-arranged moves used for training junior grades) makes up just one third of all of the elements of Karate. Please see the “About Shotokan Karate”, “Dojo Kun” and “20 Precepts” pages.

Q. I feel a bit apprehensive and don’t know what to expect, what do the lessons consist of?
A. The lessons consist of three elements Kihon, Kata and Kumite (See About Shotokan Karate ).

Q. Can I come along and watch a lesson before I join / join in?
A. Of course! One of the instructors may just come over to ascertain who you are and that you have a genuine interest in Karate. In fact, we can go one better than letting you watch – You can participate in 2 sessions (there are currently two sessions per week) during the first month for FREE. We want you to be completely comfortable that Karate is the right Martial Art for you, and that Moichido is the right place to learn it.

Q. What should I wear for my first session and how much will it cost?
A. Loose clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt are fine. The classes are held in barefeet, however anyone with verrucca’s / athletes foot etc. should wear protective footware. You can participate in 2 sessions during the first month for FREE.

Q. If I decide to join, how much will it cost me?

Contact Colin for more details but at present we offer up to 14 classes a week for £40.00 pcm


In addition there is an annual association fee of £50.00 this includes your licence and permits you to grade. There is an additional fee payable for gradings which includes a session fee.

Q. How do I pay?
A. You can pay in cash or by cheque at the Dojo. However, we would encourage you to set up a monthly standing order with your bank.

Q. I am currently involved in another Martial Art. Am I welcome at Moichido ?
A. Absolutely. Whilst we are predominantly a Shotokan club, we welcome diversity within the Martial world, and also have a seperate mixed martial arts element to the club. So, if Shotokan is not your thing we may still have what you are looking for.

Q. I have some Karate experience. Can I continue at my current grade when I join Moichido MA?
A. If you can prove your grade we are happy to honour it. The invitation to Grade further is subject to assessment by Moichido instructors. This applies to all students

Q. Will I have to take part in competitions and tournaments?
A.Whilst this will be encouraged it is not compulsory

Q. How often will I be able to get a new belt?
A. Gradings take place every six calender months. The invitation to Grade further is subject to assessment by Moichido instructors.

Q. How long will it take to get my black belt?
A. This will depend on how often you train and your competance. on average it takes around 4 years training at least twice a week

Q. What else can the club offer me?
A. Routes to National level, MMA, social circle, community support and charity work. Any club needs support from freinds and family so if you feel you can help in any way come and talk to us.

Q. How do I know my child will be safe in the club?
A. All Moichido instructors have current DBS certification. The club has a Child Protection & Safeguardng Policy, as well as Equality and Data Security policies, reviewed regularly. Moichido training practices are designed to reduce the possibility of injury, however at least one instructor per session has current First Aid certification.

Q. I notice your application form asks me to detail any convictions for violent crimes. Will I be refused membership if I have such a conviction?
A. Not necesarily. To ensure the safety of our members we will make a collective assessment of any risk and make a decision as to your application.
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