When Sensei Colin first began Shotokan training with Sensei Jim Hele, he found the experienced instructor would nearly always wait until he felt you had nothing left to give, and then say something in Japanese followed by ”One more time”; this phrase roughly translated into japanese as Mo-ichido. .Jim passed away some years ago however in respect of his teachings, and because of its effectiveness in Karate training, “One More Time” has become a central principle at Mo-ichido Martial Arts;

We must all, students and instructors alike, be prepared to go the extra distance to improve our Karate and therefore, ultimately, ourselves.


One More Time does not just mean in the physical sense but also in life and learning, the art of perfection is through POSITIVE repetition AND SELF CRITIQUE. Mo-ichido aims to help provide the best training for the individual, We understand that one box does not fit all and therefore attempt to adapt training to student needs. The club also provides 1 to 1 sessions and training for smaller groups by arrangement. These sessions can be held either at our Dojo or at a location of your choice.

Aims of Club

  • To provide a Safe welcoming and friendly environment in which participants are comfortable.
  • To provide the highest possible standard of Shotokan Karate training at affordable prices to the wider community.
  • To provide a platform for the highest possible standard of training in Jiu Jitsu or other martial arts.
  • To foster a spirit of comradeship within the club membership and cooperation between the club and the wider community. We also encourage those who wish to take part in the Prince of Wales trust challenge
  • To provide a route for club members to progress to higher levels of achievement (e.g. National squads).
  • To make such training & opportunities available to all persons regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and or religious background and disability
  • To ensure the safety of all participants.

MOICHIDO has something to offer everyone.

Our commitment to excellence + Your determination = Success

Train With us Grow With us

About Karate (See our Shotokan page  for more detail)

The term Karate means “China or Empty Hand”. It has a mixture of punches,strikes kicks, sweeps, takedowns, locks and Katas(forms).

Karate practice provides the student with an opportunity to improve many aspects of their physical and mental fitness, as well as providing an enhanced sense of self- esteem and confidence. Please refer to the Benefits of Karate page for more details.

As students progress through the syllabus the classes become harder and more challenging. Reaching blackbelt would be comparable to receiving a diploma qualification.